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With 1,000's of new websites popping up every day the question is…how can your website stand apart and deliver?
Drawing on years of graphic design and marketing experience, our team is ideally suited
to turn your vision into a remarkable website.

Graphic Design  
MTS can help you develop marketing materials ranging from 4-color print design to website development. Because we understand the ins and outs of print and electronic media, and the differences, MTS is ideally suited to helping you develop a consistent look and message for your business. We are adept at utilizing your existing materials for internet modification.

Website Development
At MTS we believe it’s critical to understand our clients’ business so the resulting work represents them appropriately and augments their position in the marketplace. Developing a website always boils down to: identifying the value to your site visitors, gathering pertinent content, designing art and page layouts that represent the client in a professional manner, creating logical navigation and constantly asking, “What would the website visitor like to do now?”

Back-end Database Solutions: Website database capability is useful to clients seeking to post any sort of information on-line, especially information that changes or needs to be updated. Clients have complete web-based control over modifications to their website by utilizing a MTS database program.

Search Positioning and Keyword Research: MTS believes this kind of positioning is not as important as it once was. We still optimize copy, and insert all the correct meta tags in our websites, but we’ll never leave positioning at that. (See Website Positioning below)

Website Positioning: Your website can become known within your circle of influence. Whether your site serves as backup to a personal sales call, provides information or serves as an additional outlet for your inventory, it can help you grow a ‘core’ of interested customers who demand frequent contact. The key is content, content, content.

Graphic Design
MTS offers top-notch hosting to our clients only. MTS hosting clients get important, sometimes critical, features and resources that other ISPs often charge extra for, or don’t offer at all. Every MTS hosting client gets statistics, web-based e-Mail, multiple e-Mail accounts, auto responders, e-Mail list serve, forms handling software, and a lot more, for one low price.

Graphic Design
MTS offers full marketing and project-definition consulting. If you do not have a specific revenue and content plan for your project, or if you would like us to examine your existing site and make recommendations, we can provide you with a detailed plan for your internet success.

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