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Rose Marie Werner is an independent researcher from Dundas, MN. She began to quilt in 1997, while working on a charity quilt auction. Since then, her interest in the history of quilting has led her to a research project of documenting twentieth-century quilt kits. She also collects quilts from the designers and companies she is researching. She is a member of AQSG, the Minnesota Land O'Lakes Quilt Study Group, and the Iowa-Illinois Quilt Study Group.


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McKim Studios
Ruby Short McKim, known as "Grammy" to family, was a true Renaissance woman, way ahead of her time. She is nationally known as a top quilt designer of the 1920s and 1930s, but she was so much more. She was a fine artist who expressed her talent in many mediums, as well as a sharp business woman. Grammy was a devoted wife, loving mother and an attentive, loving grandmother. She had a tremendous impact on us all, making us all feel extra special.

Our family wants to bring Grammy's life and her life's work back to life, no longer packed away in dusty boxes in the attic. We are lighting up her legacy and want to share the joy of her life and beauty of her talent with those who would appreciate it.


A magazine of fine writing that catches the flavor, the essence of Kansas City. An outstanding magazine you will be proud to own.

Genesis Environmental
Yoga and Pilates are for every body. Your age, weight, flexibility and fitness level do not matter, the important part is to start where you are. These practices can be modified to work with every individual's personal needs. Your specific body type, goals, strengths and weaknesses determine how you will proceed along the path to a healthier and happier you.

The Benefits of practicing yoga and pilates reach beyond the physical body. A mind-body-spirit connection will enrich your life in ways you have never imagined possible.


Genesis Environmental
HARVEY A. JONES ENGINEERING CO., INC., was founded in 1852 by Martin O. Jones, and continues under family management today. Having traveled from New York to Missouri, Martin settled in this area and began his surveying career. In 1874, the United States government hired him to survey the Santa Fe Trail from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to Fort Union, New Mexico, in order to settle a dispute about mileage rates being paid to freight haulers. During his lifetime he surveyed a large portion of what is today the City of Independence and Eastern Jackson County.

The fourth generation of the Jones family to take over the business was Harvey’s son, Robert H. Jones, who, starting at HAJ in 1971, served as President until October, 2004. At that time the ownership and presidency transferred to his wife, Christina, so that he could spend more time developing new projects for the company. Under their leadership, the Company continues to grow with a staff of Registered Land Surveyors and Professional Engineers, keeping pace with the current technologies and constantly looking for better ways to serve the community of the Greater Kansas City area and throughout the Midwest.


Genesis Environmental
Genesis Environmental Solutions, Inc. (GES) has been involved in all phases of environmental consulting, construction and site development. They are often the first on site, performing the required due diligence work prior to any real estate transaction.

As a full service consulting firm, they have performed site assessment investigations and developed remedial technologies and corrective action plans for sites associated with petroleum storage tanks, Superfund sites, RCRA facilities, manufactured gas plants and liquid waste disposal facilities.

HDHY Engineering
HDHY Engineering, Inc. is a consulting firm providing a broad range of investigative engineering services since 1997. Services include the evaluation of storm damage, structural failures, fires, explosions, mechanical failures and automobile accident reconstruction.

Investigative engineering is our primary focus. Specialization in this unique application of engineering science allows us to meet your investigative engineering needs with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


Charles Porter Photography
Charles Porter pursues the crystallization and preservation of spontaneous beauty, energy and visual tension through photography. His many themes can best be summarized as a portfolio dedicated to Eclectic Outdoor Photography.

What great fun this site was to create. The site is almost all art (to web developers that means freedom) and such beautiful content! I know one day I'll see Havana at night...


Photographx Unlimited is a full line photography supply and service - brick and mortar retailer. Nikon, Canon, Pentax - all the best products, processing, digital processing, equipment rentals and people who really know photography to help you.

Photographx brought MTS in to design a secure online photo upload program. In a few short months, 29 users have uploaded 1218 files utilizing the service.

Photographx also added an online photo gallery in which 106 images in 19 categories have been submitted by Photographx"s customers in the first two months!


Back Yard Bird Center retails a remarkable array of bird watching supplies and equipment. The store stocks a full compliment of seeds and suet cakes to treat every species of bird common to the midwest. But that's not all...

What keeps bird watching customers coming back to Back Yard Bird Center is Mark McKeller, the store owner. His knowledge and enthusiasm about birds and their rightful place in nature is catching. The site contains many articles and tips and faqs written by Mark. If you want to know how to attract colorful songbirds to your back yard - check it out

Gift Wrapped Catering is Kansas City's premier corporate catering company offering consistent service and delicious food.


What started with pots and pans in the family kitchen has evolved into a passion for Barry Bernstein, MT-BC. A registered music therapist, Bernstein is a wealth of knowledge about the healing and motivational power of rhythm. has tons of great content…visitors can learn all about Bernstein's passion, find out about upcoming workshops and, listen to and purchase his music.

A teacher and practitioner in the Healing Arts, this client chose to provide clients with class descriptions and schedules, information about the various healing services she offers, as well as insights and information about Reiki Natural Healing. In the near future, a Flower Essence Subscription Service will be implemented.
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